Denise Davies strips after a game of pool

Is anybody up for a game of pool? This brunette beauty certainly is! She’s lying on the pool table in nothing but skimpy underwear and stockings. I started to get warmed up as did she. I could not believe my luck or my eyes when she picked up the snooker cue and began to slide it in and out of her wet cunt! I was so stunned; I stopped wanking and found that my eyes were glued to my computer screen! The way she did it was so erotic but so filthy at the same time! How the hell do women do that? Do any of you have any idea? I bet if we men tried to look like that, we would look like right idiots!

But, fuck me! I just loved it. It was something I have never seen before! This busty milf beauty has got to be one of my all time favourites. I bet when you lot watch it, you’re eyes will pop out of your head and you will see what I mean. I cannot recommend this gorgeous stunner enough! I certainly will not look at a pool table and snooker cue in the same way again!

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